Our portfolio

We have a wide variety of skills, that we offer individually or as a full service.

Website Design

We'll design a beautiful and customized website for you, with focus on usability and conversion rate.

Web Developement

We turn your design into a ultra fast, seo opimized, multilingual website, for all screens and devices.

Keyword Strategy

We research a profound list of relevant keywords and structure them correctly for the search engine.

Content creation

Our professionals will write high quality content and we'll even find pictures and create videos for you.


We build natural and high quality backlinks that verifiable worked for our own websites! (Only German).

Conversion Optimization

We implement complex A/B tests and from the brainstorming to prioritization until the final evaluation.

PHP, Java & MySQL

If needed, we implenet complex applications in PHP, Java, NodeJS, Twig HTML C++ or other.

Web hosting

We host your websites on one of our extremly fast NVMe-SSD / DDR4 memory web servers.

Optimized to perfection

We have a very unique way of implementing a new website. We meticulously differenciate between code that is needed for the whole website or only for specific modules. In the latter case, the code is only loaded when actually needed. Like this, we are able to keep the data, the loading time and the rendering time as low as possible. However, at the same time the website stays highly flexible and easily maintanable. We also completley abstain from loading bulky Frameworks, where most of the code is not needed.

Our SEO works

SEO can be a complex endeavour, since many requirements have to be met for a sucessfull seo campain. If one building block is missing, only a very small impact can be expected. To be sucessfull in the search engine, a website must be fast, with a seo friendly content structure, must have well written and styled texts as well as a substantial amount of high qualitiy backlinks. If all conditions are fullfilled, I've never seen a website that didnt notably go up after 6 months.

We test effectively

Testing is one of the most powerfull tools to increase your turnover almost instantly. In the past we where able to increase Conversion-Rates by 80,14% with simple changes like bullet points or a listed layout instead of a tile like layout. However you never know what actually works, until you test it. A/B Splitesting requires some amount of traffic. As soon as it exists, there should be continous testing, to get the most value out of your visitors.

The CORE-Team


  • SEO
  • SEA
  • A/B testing
  • Web development


  • Design
  • Content
  • CMS Management


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Java
  • Hosting


  • SEO
  • Linkbuilding
  • Keyword strategies

Why us

We are a network of online marketing managers, programmers, designers and other professionals who are able to implement complex projects quickly and effectively thanks to a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure. Our know-how and implementation skills are in no way inferior to renowned agencies.

With is the same project will be delivered for usually half the price, as we have no additional costs of a regular agency (office rent, HR, controlling etc.). As ex-employees of several agencies, we know that it is not uncommon when less than 50% (!) of the costs actually flow into the project. Not so with us. Paid hours are 100% applied to your project.